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Goths In Trees

check it out! Apparently the obligitory ‘band infront of a brick wall’ phenomenon manifests itself in different ways depending on which social group you visually identify with.

!sraeY weN yppaH

….get it? haha. Scott, Derek and I practiced on Tuesday night without Joel and Luis, those boys were out of town for family-related events and so we made do with what we had on hand - I jumped on guitar for awhile (as well as doing some singing), Derek did the same, and Scott whaled away on the kit as well as playing some nice intricate stuff on the xylophone… Scott’s also working on something special that we’ll show to you from the stage one day, keep your eyes peeled next time we’re up there! Anyways, we basically worked on some new tunes, jammed out a bunch, and made a merry night of it. No complaints =)

So, the end of the year, huh? This year’s been a good one, but I feel it’s only the start of something much bigger. I suppose we could call 2011 the birth year of Shoot The Stork… teething hasn’t really begun yet, we’re still in that warm fuzzy faze of looking at the project with googly eyes and making ‘ooooh’ sounds. Soon it will start to cry, and us with it, sleepless nights will occur, we’ll begin to hate each other, but we’ll stay together for the thing that we have created, guiding it and occasionally beating it to make sure it understands our way of life. And one day, far in the future, it will leave us, making sure we are set up to live the rest of our days in comfort…. if only so it knows of its inclusion in our will when the retirement village mysteriously burns down.

A Happy New Year, for everyone.

- Dylan

Another band practice! Tonight we worked on a new song, surprisesurprise - no title as of yet, but we’ll probably have one by next week. Luis (Figueroa) came to us a few weeks ago with a rocky guitar riff that became the verse, and it transfers from that blasting beat into a sweet melodic chorus… Super excited! Lots of difficult changes but it was worth it, by the end of practice we’d pretty much got it down and we’ll be sure to pick it up after the holidays. Very testing on my voice though, I’m super tired now (saying which, it IS 12:30am), eating some chicken teriyaki and heading to bed soon I think. Here’s the lyrics to the chorus:

Burn hot while you can, man
Come on, let’s fly into the sun
Burn hot while you can, man
The world is almost done

So take that for what it’s worth I guess, I’ll try and get some audio files up here one of these days. Gotta eat! Merry Christmas =)

- Dylan

Lyrics, ‘You’re With The Band’

We’re good to go, the going’s good

you tell me I’m a nice guy

but if you knew you might review

I can’t

I won’t

I shouldn’t tell you why

you squeeze my hand I look at you

it breaks my heart to see you smile

and now we’re kissing

seems you’re missing the point

this joint doesn’t care if you’re alive

but it’ll happily watch as you die

You’ve gotta keep me close to hand

anyone asks you’re with the band

yeah you’re with the band

You see my head up there in lights

I don’t know why you even look

We do the same thing every night

we dance, we drink

baby, it’s by the book

I look at you looking at me

I keep words under my tongue and behind my teeth

do it?

should I say it?

getting through it

would I do it?

this joint doesn’t care if your heart beats

but it’ll happily watch as you bleed

You’ve gotta keep me close to hand

anyone asks you’re with the band

I’m crawling at your feet (repeat)

Practice last night

…was pretty short for me, I couldn’t stay long (my voice hurts for some reason, stupid sickness). But we managed to run through one of our new songs, ‘Zombie Face’, and an even newerer one that hasn’t really formed up yet. Here’s some of the lyrics form the newer one:

Beat those drums all you like

It’s still only open mic

But we go - oh, how we go

loving the bark, loving the bite

Just a taste! I think the song title will probably be a line from the song, ‘Isn’t This Your Calling?’ so I guess I’ll see what the guys think. Anyways, I’m pretty much done here - after I write this I’m gonna post up some lyrics from another song we’ve been playing a little while now, entitled ‘You’re With The Band’. Check it out if you’re keeeeeen.

And that’s what they call name dropping.

- Dylan

Drake last night, practice tonight!

So…. first Tumblr post ever! I feel that’s worth some kind of celebration, maybe I’ll give myself a pat on the back if I can stop typing long enough. This (as you may already know) is the Tumblr of Shoot The Stork, a downtown Toronto quintet formed only a few months ago (around September 2011) and already picking up a bit of speed. Without further ado, let’s get down to some updates:

Shoot The Stork played the Drake last night for Elvis Mondays! It was a very exciting show for us, we hit the stage at around 12:30am and rocked out a seven song set, including a new one (very firmly titled ‘Zombie Face’) we came up with in the last few weeks and threw in last minute as an encore. I was kinda sleepy before we even hit the stage, and as tired as the rear wheels of a tractor after, but that half hour gap in between was a firestorm of energy - couldn’t be happier with the way we performed or the reception of the crowd. Got some contact details of a few people wanting to work with us in the future, and had the wonderful experience of playing the basement stage at the Drake… those guys know how to do sound! So thanks to the Drake, and to William who got us the gig (and has apparently been running Elvis Mondays for 28 YEARS! Awesome). Another great outcome of the gig was this post by Lonely Vagabond (thanks dude!):

"Bringing together seasoned musicians who share a desire to explore new territory, Shoot The Stork is not afraid to be adventurous. Rooted in classic and blues-tinged rock infused with strains of progressive, jazz, and funk, this five-piece understands a precise sense of dynamics driven by an interplay of shimmering guitars, epic drumming, rock-fueled energy and skilled musicianship augmented by lead vocals that are both edgy and soulful. Combining focused songwriting with a tight performance, Shoot The Stork presents their musical ideas in a way that’s both honest and challenging."

Once again, THANKS LONELY VAGABOND! Your silent presence is always appreciated and welcome. LV also posted the link to the recording of our first show at Rancho Relaxo, you can see it all here:

I don’t want to drag on here as I’ll be posting again tonight. Talk soon!

 - Dylan

EDIT: Made a separate post for Lonely Vagabond’s review, should be easier to access.



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digital mind

analog world

First Show!

Heres some content from our first show Sat. Nov. 19th @ Rancho Relaxo. It was absolutely a blast. Its exciting for me to be on stage again after such a long time off. We’ve also got some audio from the show, our set is streaming live from our soundcloud account. I’ll post the link in a second. Supa dope thanks to Spok on the sound board, I always feel confident playing with you backing me up. I must also give you some credit to our recording, as it was your mix coming off the board into the multitrack, so you sort of set the pace for me. ;) Can’t wait to play some more shows with these lads in the future! speaking of which, next one is coming up..

Monday Dec. 12 @ The Drake Hotel.

Click the link below to hear Shoot The Stork

Live from Rancho Relaxo Sat. Nov. 19th